miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2009

StreetArt Project - LIBERTA(r)TE!

LIBERTA(r)TE - Street Art Project
powered by JECZA Contemporary Art Gallery


During November and December, as part of the twenty-year commemoration of the 1989 December Revolution, the Foundation Interart TRIADE will be presenting the Young Democracy, Young Art project. Young Art aims to highlight some of the themes that have moulded the way of thinking and speaking in politics in the years gone by: democracy, inheritance, confession, liberty/pseudo-liberty, maturity. The young artists challenged through this project to reflect upon these taboo-themes didn’t come into direct contact with the Revolution, but only its reflexion filtered by different perceptual mediums: school, parents, mass-media, society in general. Their artistic attitude is an expression of how the idea of the Revolution grew and was internalized in their consciousnesses, how they’ve filtered the multiple truths which were offered, repeatedly, as the only authentic Truth. The project wants to shape itself as a live manifestation, a fresh judgement of the „inheritance” which the Revolution gave birth to in their consciousnesses as users and beneficiaries of the consequences to the events of 20 years ago.

The Street Art Project is the first event out of three major events during the 20year aniversary of the romanian Revolution started in Timisoara. The concept of this "streetart" project is, to remember the anticommunist slogans from december 1989, written of the walls of Timisoaras buildings. This "Rebirth" of the revolutionary atmosphere was one of the main interests of the project. The Gallery invited 5 contemporary well known romanian artists and 5 romanian well known street artists.

A documentary film made by Andrei Jecza & Iuliu Theer: http://www.vimeo.com/7689319

Place: Timisoara City Center, the memorial square of the Revolution: "Piata Victoriei".

Participating Artist:
Suzana Fantanariu
Cristian Sida
Bogdan Rata
Sorin Scurtulescu
Mihai Zgondoiu

5 Participating Street Artists:
Jones & Flubber

Sponsor & Partners: University of Michigan, Bega Grup Timisoara, Primaria Municipiului Timisoara, Fundatia Interart TRIADE

Suzana Fantanariu - "Witnesses 1989 December"

Cristian Sida - "Re-Mani-Pulare" (Re-Manipulation)

Bogdan Rata - "Genetic Changed Revolution"

Sorin Scurtulescu - "White Victory, Black Skull"

Mihai Zgondoiu - "LIBERTATE" (Freedom)

Jones & Flubber (real names: Flaviu Roua & Alexandru Neculai)

... (real name: Andrei Balbarau)

IRLO (real name: Laurentiu Alexandrescu)

ZANGA (real name: Costin Macovei)

Project Coordonator: Andrei Jecza / JECZA Gallery Timisoara

Daniel Brici - Contemporary Art Show

Povesti din drum / Road Stories

The exhibition was an unexpected succes for my young Gallery, alltough we do hae some background experience thinking about our Cultural Art Foundation TRIADE. The unexpected experience we got with this show, was that we sold allmost 90% of all works, of this young very talented artist. An experience like our participation with the young gallery to the auction mentioned on this website in Paris, with works by allmost unknown artist Bogdan RATA, whos works are now very interessting for foreign collectors as well.

So please enjoy some pictures from the gallerys temporary exhibition space in Timisoara. The New gallery space we inaugurate with a Dumitru GORZO show in March 2010.

Our website will be soon online, by the end of november it supose to be online. http://www.jeczagallery.com/