sâmbătă, 28 martie 2009

Bogdan RATA on the 'Bucharest a Paris` Auction in Drouot Montaigne

by Bogdan RATA
DROUT Montaigne 15 - Bucharest a Paris Romanian Art Auction
29th of March 2009

One of our Artists will exhibite two of his innovative conceptual works of art on the Romanian art auction in Paris on the 29th of March 2009. Ecce Homo (72cm, 6000/8000 Euro estimate) and Self to the Wall (65cm, 7000/9000 Euro estimate) are two sculptures concerning genetic change issues and deal with contemporary beauty ideals and surgery mutilation. Working with common themes, Bogdan tries to rediscover the socialist realism to contempoary concepts and hyperrealist practice.

For more information concerning this Vital Situation Seria or other works by Bogdan Rata please visit our Gallery website which will be soon available: http://www.jeczagallery.com or contact me via E-Mail: jecza@jeczagallery.com or jeczagallery@gmail.com

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