sâmbătă, 6 august 2011

Jecza Gallery


luni, 3 ianuarie 2011

Mihai Ciplea - Solo Show/Ecce Homo - 22 Ianuarie

Va invitam cu drag la vernisajul expozitiei Ecce Homo-Mihai Ciplea si la lansarea unui nou numar "1mp de arta contemporna" pe 22 ianuarie la Galeria Jecza / Fundatia Triade, Calea Martirilor 51/45, Timisoara.

vineri, 18 iunie 2010

Jecza Gallery

luni, 17 mai 2010

duminică, 28 februarie 2010

Lansarea albumului Cristian SIDA

Fundaţia TRIADE si JECZA Gallery vă invită joi, 4 martie, ora 19, Calea Martirilor 51/45, la vernisajul expoziţiei de pictură şi la lansarea albumului
Cristian Sida

Expoziţia va fi prezentată de autorul albumului, scriitorul, criticul de artă Alain (Georges) Leduc, profesor la Şcoala Superioară de Artă din Metz, Franţa.

Cu deosebit respect,
Andrei Jecza

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marți, 29 decembrie 2009


Finally our Website is online. We managed to lauch a first version of the website this winter, which is not fully uploaded, but some of our artists, partners and publications are online.


We also published the third "1mp arta contemporana" (1sqm contemporary art) Art Newspaper, this December, so enjoy the Website, our scheduled shows and the new issue of the newspaper.

(Download Version: www.jeczagallery.com/1mpdeartacontemporana or on www.jeczagallery.com - Gallery - Publications - 1sqm contemporary art)

miercuri, 2 decembrie 2009

Young Democracy, Young Art

We would like to invite you on December 14, 2009 in SetUP Club in Timisoara, for our new show in a former industrial space, for a contemporary art, curated by Andrei Jecza.

During December, as part of the twenty-year commemoration of the 1989 December Revolution, the Foundation Interart TRIADE in collaboration with Jecza Gallery and Timisoara City Hall, will be presenting the Young Democracy, Young Art project. Young Art aims to highlight some of the themes that have moulded the way of thinking and speaking in politics in the years gone by: democracy, inheritance, confession, liberty/pseudo-liberty, maturity. The young artists challenged through this project to reflect upon these taboo-themes didn’t come into direct contact with the Revolution, but only its reflexion filtered by different perceptual mediums: school, parents, mass-media, society in general. Their artistic attitude is an expression of how the idea of the Revolution grew and was internalized in their consciousnesses, how they’ve filtered the multiple truths which were offered, repeatedly, as the only authentic Truth. The project wants to shape itself as a live manifestation, a fresh judgement of the „inheritance” which the Revolution gave birth to in their consciousnesses as users and beneficiaries of the consequences to the events of 20 years ago.

Exhibiting Artists: Ioan Augustin Pop, Bogdan Rata, Cosmin Moldovan, Mihai Zgondoiu, Cristian Pavelescu, Mirela Moscu & Robert Fekete, Iuliu Theer, Andrei Jecza

Aftershow Party: Dj Waka-X (chillout, ambiental music)